Pest control expertise covering East Anglia

Welcome to Rodent Service (EA) Ltd. We have a wealth of experience in the pest control sector and specialise in rodent control. We offer a range of services and maintenance contracts ensuring minimum pest activity.

A reputation for efficiency and excellence

We have established ourselves as one of the leading pest control companies in East Anglia and have a reputation for efficiency and excellence in both the commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors of pest control.

Free consultations & on-site surveys

At Rodent Service (EA) Ltd, we welcome all enquiries and pride ourselves on offering free on-site surveys and consultations. Our technicians will visit your location and discuss the quickest, most effective method of control, before giving you your free quote.

What does Rodent Service (EA) Ltd have to offer you?

  • Commercial, agricultural & industrial pest control
  • All pests controlled
  • Suppliers of pest control products & equipment
  • Grain store fumigations available
  • Professional & discreet service
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Audit reports available
  • Free surveys & estimates
  • Members of BPCA & NPTA

Prevent contamination and disease

Insects, rodents and birds contaminate food, equipment and working surfaces with their excreta, hairs or parts of themselves, giving rise to foreign body complaints. Many carry bacteria, viruses, spores or parasites which may be passed on to people. Some can produce serious allergic reactions.

By appointing a Rodent Service (EA) Ltd technician, you can be sure that staff will have been properly trained and that the highest standards are met.

Rodent contract agreement

A Rodent Contract Agreement entitles you to regular visits. Our pest control technicians will inspect your premises and carry out the necessary treatment to your premises to eradicate pests. Our technicians will then report all matters which will help maintain pest free conditions on your premises.

For professional and highly discreet pest control services, call Rodent Service (EA) Ltd today on 01502 517 292